Higher than yesterday (but still not at 1')


  1. Hey Scott, What are you up to on Tuesday around 2:00? I am leading a group of five 7th graders and 2 more adults down the Housatonic by canoe. We began last year in MA and paddled to Kent. On Tuesday we're beginning 4 days to Shepaug Dam or beyond. A third trip may take us to the ocean. The paddlers are class 11 paddlers, I a class IV. I scouted the Bulls Bridge section 2 weeks ago and decided that we could portage from above the dam to below the Flume, float to the left eddy above S-turn, line or carry around S-turn and probably line our boats down the Pencil Sharpener. Below that it seemed straightforward at these water levels. We would camp at Ten Mile the first night. Do you think I am right about the lining? Is there significantly less of an eddy river left above s-turn at 2.5 Gaylordsville than the 2.1 I scouted at? Would you like to accompany us down this section? I would appreciate a call: 518 672 7302 or 518 965 6548. Stu Summer, Hillsdale, NY Hawthorne Valley School


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