USGS budget cuts might remove online river data (help needed)

The possibility of us losing the ability to have real time, current stream flow conditions available on the internet is real.  It will make live, visual information about the river level more valuable.  This is a call to any whitewater boaters who is local, or frequents the Housatonic River at Bulls Bridge to participate in this blog, so we can keep the whitewater community up to date with river level information.

How to participate:

1.  Get a google (gmail) account.  Even if you make one specifically for this blog.

2.  Email with a note to say that you want the ability to post levels and photos to this blog.

3.  If permission is granted, please keep posts mostly about river level data, safety and access issues.  Local environmental issues are allowed (graffiti, trash, general pollution and/or law breaking activity that hurts our user experience).  The simplest (and most needed) posts are ones with a photo of the painted gauge below the bridge, with a subject line that gives the level information.